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Two sides of personality

Not long ago, my assistant at work said that from afar,  I seem to be spiritual, speaking only meaningful things, and living a perfect life. That there are no mistakes, failures, and disappointments in my path, and even if it is a sad day, I deal with it with philosophy and deep reflection. I laughed.

The truth is that I am pishes by horoscope. And I have two sides: one is light, and another one is dark. The one side is full of optimism, cheers, light, meaningful thoughts and inspiration of others. And that is the side others mostly see because, at good days, there is full of me everywhere.

 But there is a dark side with heavy thoughts, sadness, even tears. And when I feel bad, I love to be alone, to survive this period with myself and revive from the new. And only my closest people know that my mood can change very quickly. 

So, if we meet face-to-face, for a coffee, or for a trip, you’ll probably be disappointed. Because I’m not just talking about life and meaning, not always I’m joking gently, and sometimes I’m not only interested in the highest values. And I am able to get angry too. 

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