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Are Adults Are Less Stressed About COVID 19?

We’re all adults, no matter what our age. If we’re not there yet, we will be soon. We know that it’s not about how old we are, but how we choose to live, exercise and eat, and live the lives that we have. We’re comfortable in our wrinkled or unwrinkled skins. The Corona Virus and even all the other scary stuff we had contended with, seem just a little less scary having been somehow shaped and molded by those very experiences, through having lived through some really bad things, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, 911, Catrina, Challenger, Oklahoma city, Waco and dozens more in our sojourn on the Blue Planet on the path to eternity.

Yet, we haven’t stopped contributing; we’re just getting started. We know that we’re getting closer to the ceiling than we are to the floor. We know more about life because we’ve lived longer and learned more about the lessons of life. We’re happier, on the whole than young people. Surprisingly, we don’t want to live forever. We know that at some point, soon, the consciousness of mortality is no longer an elective or speculative subject, or am I the only adult in the room?

  • Are you being adult in your views on life?


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  1. It is the age we feel that matters!

    There has been much to see, Neil Armstong walking on the moon. The entire world rushing to help the survivors of the tsunami in Thailand, or earthquakes and volcanos. The response of humans to disasters is a guarantee for me that humans still have something to give.

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