Carry only good feelings within yourself

If there is fear inside you, life will scare you.

If there is aggression inside you – life will attack you.

If you have a craving for life – life will bring you new rivals.

If you have guilt in your heart – life will find ways to punish you.

If you have grievances in your heart – life will give you even more hurt.

And all for one single purpose – to show you that you are what you carry in your heart, not what you try to look like, present yourself to others, or want to be. Your experiences and states attract similar experiences and states and turn into your know-how.

Life will always give you what you expect from it. And what do you expect from it, you communicate with it by your deepest feelings and beliefs. Be attentive to what you invite into your life.

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  1. I have learned to control aggression, especially through my writing jobs. Some people can be so demanding and it can be annoying but then you have to remember they will pay you for the job you are doing so just do it and don’t grumble.

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