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Life as a feast

How often the human mind is afraid to let love into his home. How often does a person live in stereotypes, various prohibitions, beliefs imposed by the external environment, or created by man himself, out of fear of taking responsibility or changing something in his life. Change what the heart wants. Normally, the mind resists this at all costs until the heart keeps trying to knock.

But sooner or later, the heart begins to scream in a human voice and erupts bringing the peace and bliss that every person’s heart awaits and dreams of. Then the person calms down and realizes how stupid and pointless those blocks of the mind were. 

Or when the mind crosses his barriers very slowly and for a long time, it opens the door one day and just can’t find anything behind it. Because love doesn’t need to be loved through coercion. It is natural and spontaneous in itself.

Therefore, do not delay or doubt. Allow yourself to experience this feeling. Don’t be afraid. There is simply no joy in life without love.

Everyone is worthy of love. This is the energy of life. Without it, life is gloomy and meaningless. And it is impossible to deceive the heart. Life can become a kind of prison … do you really want to live that way? Or you can choose life as a feast.

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