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Basis of peace, love, and happiness…

When people see that their only asset is the heart, they begin to seek not to have a brand outfit, a big house or a comfortable car, a promising profession … – they begin to realize that only a man’s heart is the basis of peace, love, happiness, and freedom.

Every day I learn to see the world in which I would want to live. I look less at people’s things, at cars, at homes, and try not to underestimate or condemn the way they choose to be happy. I understand very well that you can have so much and not see it… Money, wealth, beautiful things can bring comfort, make life a little easier, but even the best things cannot give life because life is:

The ability to love every sip of air.Ability to listen and hear others, but always hear yourself.Courage to forgive everyone, but especially yourself for failed attempts.The courage not to judge, to assess, to criticize, but to accept all forms, colors, and shapes of life.The deep realization that at the end of the day, you remain human and didn’t run away from your mistakes…

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