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Tim Guenard: Stronger Than Hate

It’s a book that breaks hearts … And connects.

While reading, it is impossible to avoid the wave that catches and throws ashore. I crashed in small drops and am again gathered in the ocean of love …

I read and cry. Initially due to pain that can only be observed and nothing can be changed. Although … Possible. But not for that little boy. Tears then pour out that naked the heart. It is impossible to stand against love. It tosses you again and again and embraces again and again…

This book is real life. Therefore, it hurts at first. But – there is an answer and hope on the front pages.

Love is so strong! I thought my heart holds a lot. Wow, how was I wrong. I’m just a small shadow of who I could be and who Tim is. Who are the many emissaries of love on this earth …

An open heart accepts mistakes that are not even mistakes but an expression of pain. We all have it one way or another. Like love. If we choose it.

How beautifully Tim learns to love people! This is not an easy choice for someone who has been thrown away and pushed away. When you touche the light, even if a small particle of it, it longing will not allow you to remain in the dark. Love leaves no choice – only longing and a desire to return to its ocean again. Defeat your inner demons again and again. Choose love again and again. Even if you don’t always succeed …

I feel this book physically – the real heart is beating and fits hard in the chest. I don’t know what to do with that. I do not know yet. It is so vulnerable and sensitive and … I want to spread the love so much. 

This is a book I am already writing to my list of specials. And I’ll share it if only anyone wants to read it. But it is worth deciding before reading because it will not be possible to stay as before after reading this story. And how and who to be now – everyone will have to answer for themselves. I go looking for my answers.

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