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Ljubelj Concentration Camp

The Ljubelj Labor Camp was the only camp on Slovenian territory during the Second World War. It was one of 49 branches not far from Linz operating Mauthausen concentration camp. In the labor camp, in the years 1943-1945, under the impossible conditions, more than a thousand prisoners built the tunnel of Ljubelj today. The first internees began arriving in July 1943. Most of them were French, and besides, there were Poles, Russians, Yugoslavs, Czechs, Norwegians, Greeks, Belgians, Italians, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Germans, Austrians. Most were political prisoners, and some were interned for refusing forced labor or for raids. The Germans and Austrians with a criminal history were assigned managerial tasks. easier work. To erase the trail of their atrocities, the Germans demolished the camp. In memory and reminder of the horrors of war, the suffering of the prisoners at the edge of the park stands a memorial arena of the skeleton with a living heart in the middle and the inscription J’ACCUSE.

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    • Thanks for watching and kind comment, my friend….maybe he really just wasn’t that destructive anyway … they needed internals here to work … they didn’t mass kill them …obviously it will never really teach us

    • Thank you for your visit and nice comment, my friend…really sad but sorry really…Unfortunately, similar atrocities are happening in many places around the world, except that they are not so massive

      • They all horrible. What happened in Cambodia removed 60% of the population of the entire country. What happened in Rowanda, removed more than 40% of all the people.

        Those that blithely go about their days and do not remember. Now should those times are gone.

        Sadly things are worse now.

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