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Light Purple Orchids

I took a photo of this orchid from our visit to AGM Beach Resort. I was amazed by the beautiful bloom and its light purple shade so I decided to get a picture so that I can share it with you.

It’s Saturday morning in our place. After cleaning the house, I woke my daughter up and prepared her breakfast and other things she needs. She will be attending a review class in preparation for the Licensure Examination which will be conducted in September.

I am hoping that since its a weekend, I can devote more time with my online activities including Virily.

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  1. There is a steel bower in this home that we bought that was for orchids. But since we have no orchids so what was planted was dragon fruit. After that a friend gave us a small orchid in a pot (no soil). It has a pretty flower but we do not know the name.

  2. I always like to look at orchids. They are beautiful, and I don’t think I can ever plant them in my garden as I don’t have a green thumb (at least at this moment when I am too lazy to take care of my garden). 😛

    • You really know about flowers. I was trying to search for the flower’s name but to no avail. Anyway, yes weekend means cleaning the house, taking care of the children and husband and oh well, a few hours for online work.

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