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Lets learn about Catfish!

Catfish is a type of whisker fish that can catch in wild like river, lakes, but you can have your own cat fish if you have a fish ponds! and breed it for consuming or to be a pet!

There are many different kinds of catfish like the African catfish for food consuming and the Mekong giant catfish that can feed a lot of people or put it in your Big wide Aquarium for attraction!

Catfish these holly week! Its good to eat and try to eat catfish than other fish available! You will never regret eating these fish!

My dinner yesterday is catfish the photo is Credited to me!

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    What kind of Cuisine you like to do in Catfish??

    • Fried
    • Steam
    • Grilled
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    Is Catfish eating small mammals like rats or mice??

    • Yes
    • No
    • Undecided
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    Do you want to Breed a catfish??

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I live on the northeastern coast of Venezuela, the Caribbean Sea, and we eat many sea fish, almost never of river, but I have eaten a type of river catfish that we call yellow catfish, it is eaten stewed or in soup, never fried. The one in his picture, which I do not know, looks delicious.

  2. I like fish but we aren’t allowed catfish here in New Zealand. It would be a pest and wipe out New Zealand Species which are unique. If I lived in your country I may consider breeding them
    My brother Denis went up to the big fishing contest on 90 mile Beach in the Far North and brought me back a large trevally which we are still eating.


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