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Many years ago, I was torn between the right thing and the natural thing. I made a horrible choice, and I took the easy way out. I still, to this day, feel bad about my decision. I no longer accept the easy way; I am focused now on doing the right thing. Right isn’t natural, and correct isn’t short. There is honor in protecting your friends as you move into the world. I always try to help people. The issue from many years ago, when an opportunity to help someone, and I didn’t. There wasn’t a tragic ending, and the person ultimately understood why I choose not to help, but I felt guilty. It is essential to help people to enter the room with the heart of a servant. To be there for others and to help when you can.

My father always used to tell me if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. So what can I do to help others move forward on this site?  The first thing is I continue to read as many new posts as I can every day. Today I managed to get to 20. There have been a few days in the recent past where I have not been able to get to 20 posts because there were not 20 new posts. You have my word; if I open your post, I will leave a comment. If you reply to the comment I left, I will reply until we get to the platitude replies (thank you, oh no thank you), but until we get to the end of the string, I promise I will continue the conversation with you. It is essential for the site.

The other thing is sharing posts on social media. I do share every post I open and read. That is also my promise to you that I will share your post. The reality of the scroll bug (you can’t see more than the last 30 posts) manias I sometimes don’t see your posts. I promise I will try and find them, but I cannot always remember the names of all the authors, so if I miss your post, I am very sorry. There is no intent or malice, just technology getting in the way. I do promise you, though, if you reply to my comment, I will reply to you! There are other things we as a community can do, and I will end with that last one. Let’s be supportive of other community members. Some don’t have the time to reply or read as many.

As many on the site say Do, what you can do.

Remember, no one should ever message you on this site saying you have to comment on their posts, because they commented on yours. If somebody does that to you, report that to the admin team of the site (

If we pull together as a community we can make this site the way it used to be!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. There were not 20 new posts??? That is very strange. I guess it was the first time you experience this on Virily. Thanks a lot for your efforts. I think your work will pay off because Virily is not going to disappear. We will survive the summer for sure.

  2. A site is only as good as its members, so if the members do all they can, the site gets better, but then it also depends on the number of members too, as well as the attraction of the site to outsiders and insiders, or to readers and writers too.

    • you raise both sides of a very hard question.

      We are a community, we have good members who really try to do the right htings.
      We have a few folks that don’t but they are easily moved to the side.

      We have to find a positive path forward.

      • The positive path has to go via the administration team too, though.

        They are one reason why I do not write here so often.

        It often takes 3 or 4 days for one of my articles to be approved, and their criteria are hard to understand, as they often reject articles too, for simple whims of fancy, it seems, or from their not fully understanding the article, for some reasons, or another.

        They must be understaffed, given that you said, that there are only 20 or less new articles being written on the site, on some days, and during that time, it still took them 4 days to get to one of my latest articles.

        I have noticed that they often reject religious articles of mine. Maybe, they do not want the site to be filled with these opinionated pieces.

        When I quote the Bible, they reject the article, for example.

        Their grasp of the English language seems limited too, as they often misunderstand different types of humour, and have rejected some humorous pieces of mine too.

        • So i do know this about the moderators.

          1. THEY ONLY DO PLAGIARISM checks – based on that they don’t check for meaning just if the text is used elsewhere on the internet.
          2. They are slow, that is why we have asked several time snow as a community for them to speed up the moderation process.

          I am sorry you have experienced this. I wish i had more information.

          • The articles rejected here I just put up onto Mylot instead, so no harm done, I guess.

            There was one article I had here on Virily that stayed in the pending status for months. It was never moderated. I eventually just deleted it altogether, and put that one on Mylot too.

            It seems that some articles must slip between the cracks here at times.

            There are some basic needs here that the site could be improved by too.

            We should be able to edit comments, and past posts too, I think.

        • i agree and submitted our asks to the admin team.

          I am sorry to hear that you’ve had pending posts for months. I personally enjoy reading your posts and look forward to each new one.

          i don’t really have a good answer. I know the admin team is very busy, but i don’t know that they understand the value of a site like this is new content.

          • Thanks, for your encouraging words.

            I have another guy that follows my writing on mylot too.

            It is encouraging when someone else thinks along similar lines and likes to discuss similar topics/subject matter, in such an openminded way as you do.

        • I am a huge fan of former US president Jimmy Carter. He said while running for president that he would argue one side of an argument, then the other side of the same argument the next day.

          My dad and I started doing that. It helps you see there is more possible!

          • “The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.”

            Oscar Wilde, an Irish author, (1854 to 1900) said this.

            What I also like to do is to reverse these sayings like this:

            “The truth is always pure, and always simple.”

            I find that when I do this, the reverse, sometimes has more truth in it than the original did! …LOL…

          • Anything can be an illusion because all things are relative to you, and yet you feel love, and it bites you for real in your heart.

            Truth lives when the bite is seen for what it truly is, and truth dies when you see the bite as injurious to you; it’s that simple, truth, or non-truth.

          • The fullness of an illusion bubbles over with the emptiness of the truth, and so the emptiness cannot enter the fullness, until we see through the illusion, that there was no fullness in what we saw, but that emptiness is the only fullness.

        • I offer you two hands, both are empty which one do you choose?

          The natural reaction to the question is i choose the hand that maps to me (I am right-handed, or I am left-handed)
          but the master would say what? Or would the master redirect the question to why would the hands be empty (the illusion)?

          • I would rather stick to using/choosing my own hands; all other hands are illusions??

            Is there any such thing as an illusion, though, or is it all, is everything, an aspect of truth, but we just do not see it yet, the whole picture, so illusion might just be not seeing/having the whole full truth yet?

            God is no illusion, and neither is anything under him.

            An illusion is more a delusion than an illusion.

            Illusions do not exist within God, and his creation.

        • The truth shall set you free.

          But does it?

          A friend of mine teaches philosophy. He says there are four words that bind humans to their world.

          Kindness (or love)
          Truth (either possession or pursuit)

          • Interesting. If we hang onto anything, there is often a binding additive included in the mix too.

            By the way, I only counted 3 words there, (morality, kindness, truth)what was the fourth, was it ?God?

    • Yes, we need new authors – I sent the admins the long list from the weekend. I offered myself (you) and others as people that would be willing to have a conversation about how we could implement new authors.

      so far crickets!

  3. Yes, there are times when things go on, when I should stand out and protect people. I hope to do that as well.
    Thanks Doc for commenting on my posts and I will do my best to comment on everyones posts that I manage to read.
    That is also a promise, I cant look at all the posts I want to but will do some of it at least…if the time in the day is not mine.
    In giving I have no regrets, for I loathe stinginess..


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