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Kerak Telor ~ Black & White Friday

There are two gates to enter the Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery, that are the main gate and side gate. The main gate is only used to enter during the funeral ceremony of someone entitled to be buried there or various state ceremonies while to enter the compound, pilgrims or visitors can only enter through the side gate.

From the parking area, there is a small path to the side gate where at the gate there is a guard post and registration. The last time I visited the cemetery, right at the entrance of the path there were now a number of hawkers selling flowers, drinks, and food. One of the hawkers sells typical Betawi food called Kerak Telor.

Betawi is a native tribe of the people of Jakarta, and the egg crust is one of their typical foods. Kerak telor or Egg crust is made from It is made from glutinous rice cooked with egg and served with serundeng (fried shredded coconut) which mix with red chili, Kaempferia galanga, ginger, pepper granules, salt, and sugar. Fried shallots and ebi (dried marinated shrimp) as the topping. It is considered as a snack and not the main dish.

In that picture, my youngest brother-in-law was ordering some portions for my niece who really liked the food. I chose this picture to share on Black & White Friday but I also included the color version in the question section.

  • Which version of the version do you like more?

    • Black and white.
    • Color.
  • Are there similar dishes in your country?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I prefer B&W, because to me, it carries more emotion and “story”. Perhaps it just triggers my imagination a little more.

    About the food… hmm … I don’t think we’ve something similar.

    • Your choice reinforces my estimate that the image will look good in black and white.

      As a port city in the past, Batavia, or Betawi, or Jakarta, their culture was influenced by very many cultures, including Java, the Netherlands, China and India. I’m a little curious about the culture that influences the increasingly rare cuisine nowadays.

  2. Mystery, atmosphere, story and great impact. I do not need to say that B & W is my favorite. My look is drawn to the place where the action takes place. In color version, the eye stops at the yellow bowl on the table and thus essence of the action is lost. Congratulations! You have become a good streetphotographer!

  3. We have a lot of regional cuisines in America. People in one part of the country will eat things that are not commonly found in other parts. I’ve never heard of anything like the food you described but it is possible that someone elsewhere in the country eats it.

  4. I really like the black and white version of this photo. It adds something very special and more detail. I do not believe we have a food that compares to the one you mentioned. But I have had fried shallots.

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