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Just for Fun and Tinker Toys

Another childhood memory, although this one was brought by LaJenna!

yes, Tinker toys!

build anything thing you want!

i have to warn you my sense of humor is a bit off.

This video made me laugh!

I remember building a catapult with Tinker Toys. We used to use it to launch things into the air. As a kid growing up we were outside all the time. Tinker Toys came with us, we dragged them to the walk-out basement porch in our first house and build things.

Lot’s of happy memories with Tinker toys!

Anyone can join the Just for FUn challenge – just use the title Just for fun and share some things that make you happy!!!

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    Did you have the wooden ones? (Tinker TOys)

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    Or the plastic ones? (tinker toys)

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  1. I never heard of Tinker Toys, so I guess they are an American phenomenon. My favourite toys were the Airfix models, soldiers, farmers, animals, aeroplanes (that’s airplanes to you!) In fact that name (Tinker Toys) wouldn’t wash here, as ‘tinker’ is viewed as an ethnic slur on our travelling community 😮


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