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Jackfruit ~ Nature Tuesday

This picture I took last week while walking in the morning with my wife. As we passed a garden bordered by a fairly high wall fence, in one part we saw the fruit. Well, I hope this image is quite interesting to share in the Nature Tuesday challenge.

Yes, it is jackfruit which in my country is called jackfruit. The relatively young fruit is around fifteen meters high. Jackfruit trees are generally of medium size, up to about 20 m high, although some reach 30 meters. The length of the fruit can reach one meter with a diameter of about forty centimeters. Jackfruit can be consumed in various ways, both eaten as they are after they are cooked or made as drinks or food.

This fruit also produces a lot of sap when cut from the tree. This very sticky jackfruit sap can contaminate the hands, clothes until the knife used to cut the fruit. If it is not immediately cleaned, the sap will dry out and it is increasingly difficult to remove. Because it can be so troublesome, in our country there is a saying that “A person eats jackfruit, everyone gets the sap” which means a person who makes a mistake to fulfill his pleasure, but other people bear the consequences.

  • Have you ever tasted jackfruit?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you know a similar saying from your country?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Sorry for the late comment, I have a problem to make it on all the articles… Always some Virils missing in order to comment all the new articles… Maybe I will have to make some “cuts”….. 😉
    Anyway, such a lovely color of this fruit, I’ve never seen it and it looks so interesting!!! Never heard of such a saying but it’s interesting too… There are different sayings in each country…..

  2. I have to agree with most of the comments as I have never heard or seen a jackfruit. Here the only real sap we have is maple and maple syrup from the maple tree. It is very yummy and when served on snow becomes sticky but so sweet.

  3. There are so many sayings I don’t know where to start. Fir some reason this one came to mind (nothing to do with yours)…. “Just between you, me, and the fence post.” In other words, telling a secret.

    Have not seen this fruit before. I read some about it and it is very healthy and has a sweet aroma.

    • My family and I can enjoy the fruit in various ways, such as eating it straight away, cutting it into small pieces and mixing it with other fruits such as avocado, young coconut, shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk. It can also be fried by smear it with melted flour, and many other ways.

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