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Is There There An Absoluteness Of Nothingness Happening On Virily?

Well, it’s a fair question based on pure objective research by at least two long-time writers on Virily. Well my post has solicited questions in this regard and although I have copied and pasted the many really blaze’ adds I wanted to be taken seriously about an apparent lack of subscriber control. Several writers have asked where the suspect members are, so,  I have decided to select 4 entries from several hundred such bogus members.

Here they are, with my selection criteria.

* Escorts- 

This particular example was less blatant with regards to the extent of customer satisfaction.


This is just one of several Lawyer firms

*Web Marketing Agency India-

*This final example is selected because, in spite of being on the site for 3 years and receiving many Virils, he has never written any posts?

3 years-0-posts-300 virils?, whether there is a response to my posts or not, I have said whaT I NEEDED to say and if I can stand and look on as if double standards are the norm in the new millennium  and that I should ignore it, and go with the flow, then I have never been true to myself and writing has for me, then also been a huge sham. 

  • Are double standards acceptable?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I reported one yesterday and that post has gone but I do not know if the user has gone too

    I reported to of what you have posted here. I will wait and see if these two vanish into thin air

    If users can report as and when they come across those who break rules it will help the site immensely. I am a newbie here.

    • Your answer hits the nail on the head, Sandra, It is exactly why I posted these two posts. We obviously don’t all agree, 14% said that double standards are fine, in the poll and 86% don’t accept double standards. judging by the comments, the poll is an accurate reflection of the community’s response. 33 read the article of which only 8 responded in the poll, the balance abstained.

    • Carol, I research only 1000 of the 5,500 members. As the legit percentage, I counted those who just did not start, due to death, illness, lack of know-how, etc. Those with intent to score free advertising made up about 30% I believe that the true figure when eliminating only the “free-loaders” won’t be far from 30%. As for what to do with rule-breakers in any organization, warnings are issued, and if still disregarded, they are blocked from signing into their accounts. enforcement is not hard, If we want to take down an article, Admin just does it, right?

  2. Double standards are a fact of life. Nothing says that you must participate in everything. I believe there are all kinds of people who just “look” all day and do the least amount on any sites to possibly get paid one day. I have given up the worries long ago.

      • Fine Ghostwriter, I partially withdraw, so, let me rephrase, what I am saying is that people whose links I have included above do in no way comply with said rules for Virily writers/users in that every one of them are advertising their business directly and when I last checked, it was even an infringement to include personal business hotlinks. If advertising prostitution techniques, Cannabis discounts hotel accommodation Taxi services, even Crime Scene Cleaning, I’m fine with that, as long as we are all allowed to do so.

    • Thanks for commenting LindaOH, I believe, this is how we go about getting things changed, perhaps if a few more thought it was wrong to break the rules and enough of them commented on articles like these, then management would do something. So far, only 33 users/members out of 5500 thought it worth their while, to read this post…


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