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This Creature Was Waiting 30 Years To Get His Ears Fixed.

A couple was hiking on an obscure and overgrown mountain trail in the U.S. When after walking for several hours, they came across an abandoned farmstead. After closer inspection, they discovered that the doors were either unlocked or even ajar. It was very clear, that no one had entered the house for many years. They carefully explored every room, discovering many household objects in different stages of decay. They finally discovered wall calendars indicating that the house was supposedly abandoned since 1993.

In the sitting room, on the mantel above the fire-place, the furry creature in the  image has patiently been waiting for someone to fix its ears  

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    • WOW! totally awesome I would have loved to be there for the experience. Can you just imagine, the moment you opened a box, chest or any ancient container, who was it that had closed it for storage? What were they thinking of, were the thoughts of peace or anguish about a war? Gosh, there I go, off on another mental adventure, thanks for conjuring up my “imagination” juices and getting them to flow with fire, Ghostwriter.

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