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Is life itself a miracle?

I do not believe in the existence of a good fairy who is faithfully attached to my personality and has only thrown wonders to me all the time. I think they exist and occur daily those little miracles but we forget to notice them.

What the happiness that my eyes have often been pointed in the right direction. I would add what’s the happiness to think that miracles exist!

Because after all, what is a miracle? It’s really no magic. A beautiful moment of morning silence drowned in the fog, the rose bloom in the garden, the smile of a sick child after a relatively quiet night, the special gaze of a loved one just for you,  the perfect morning croissant, a conversation from the heart with a loved one…

Just, waking up in the morning is a miracle, it’s a shame if you don’t realize it...

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  1. I am forever in the attitude of gratitude as those little things that happen in my life that add a spring in my step I have to be grateful for