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True happiness is an inner state

Running, rushing, engaging activity, excessive consumption, oceans of information, constantly vibrating smart devices are such a thing of our times. But can a person feel great in such a reality? Is he, saturated with food, things, relationships, impressions, can hear his heart’s tune and realize what the essence is, and what only the thieves of time are?

Or maybe minimalists are right in saying that “less is more”. Although consumption itself is not the problem, it is just that we give it too much importance. When we try to fill up from the outside, we still end up empty. Because happiness is not things, not people, and not impressions. True happiness is an inner state that is independent of external circumstances.

Allow yourself at least a day to live a different life. Maybe not doing anything. Maybe with less consumption. Maybe offline. Maybe in silence. Maybe not eating. Maybe doing everything twice as slowly and twice as attentively. Maybe noticing your breath or your thoughts. Perhaps merged with nature or music. Maybe just different.

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    • Material things make our life easier, more comfortable, but true happiness is another matter. Although I would lie if say that I do not like comfortable life, but I know if life sends me a challenge of losing my comfort, I would deal with it. I have born not in a wealthy family, just an average one. And although I live now in full comfort, I am not tied to it. My inner happiness, my beloved family members means a lot more than lifeless things.

    • I can understand you. The loss you faced in your life is squeezing your heart each minute. when I feel this pain, I always try to breathe deeply. It helps.