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Communication. Or maybe I should say the lack of communication. That is what my two cats seem to have most of the time. They diss each other, as in the photo above. They are on the same chaise but Brendel keeps her back to the Dude. No communication, or at least no verbal communication. She actually speaks volumes with her silence. Silence is also a type of communication. It is actually a huge type. I am sure you all have been given the silent treatment from someone in your life. Doesn’t feel so well does it? Things are then sort of one sided. You can’t get very far like that. You must work together as a team.

Either way the communication is vital to any relationship. Agreed? Imagine having a relationship with someone who never talked to you. How would that work out? I would think not so good. Each party must be willing to communicate with the other. This is a necessity in any relationship.

Anyone else feeling like they are in a one way relationship? Seems that way to me in certain areas.

Have a great day everyone and let’s stay on the positive side of life seeing our cups half full.

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. In principle communication and interaction are very important for any relationship, and it must be two-way. Too much or less done by one party, it will cause barrenness of a relationship.

    Btw, I am happy if you turn on the images with words which full of messages like this.

  2. Communication is great as long as it is within limits. At least that is how I feel. Constant jabbering brings on headaches and heartaches to the person who has to constantly listen. Sorry if I seem unjust but some people never seem to be able to shut up. Again I apologize for my abruptness.

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