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How Important is Communication

Communication is VERY important. Anytime in life, in any relationship, there must always be some type of communication. How can you disagree with that statement?

An example. I have tried talking to people over the years. If you get no response, the conversation then becomes with yourself. You get nothing resolved. A one sided conversation ends. This kind of leaves you with a not so good feeling, perhaps sometimes a negative feeling toward that person. Unless you prefer talking to yourself. Sometimes that is not a bad option!

Even the birds in my backyard have conversations with each other.

Have a great day.

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Written by Carol DM

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          • My point is this – you are at the top of the board. All of us strive to be where you are.

            Based on that you could show a little more compassion for those that built the site, that you have benefited from more than anyone else.

            With great power comes great responsibility.

            Please remember that the admins of virily used to communicate via Facebook they stopped as Kim put so eloquently if you beat a dog long enough they won’t come back

            They sued to put banners on the page, but people complained about that (I know you were not one of the complainers but there were many).

  1. Communication is needed to get issues done correctly. About talking to myself, it is not that bad in a private setting lest people think I am nuttier than Marvel super heroine Squirrel “Don’t Call Me Panama” Girl.

  2. There are many people who choose to stay sick by keep and maintain a variety of bad emotions.
    Often talking to yourself is better and more important than others.
    There is a big possibility that people who do not respond to your communication efforts have kept the monster (of sickness) inside of them, with all the inconvenience.

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