What Under-Appreciated Traits Which Can Make Them Attractive?

1. Honesty: some people are very good at lying and they could deceive you easily (they blink and they don’t twitch while they lie so you really can’t tell) or some people try to cover up their scars and sugarcoat themselves but I want to see the authentic, unpackaged you!

2. Bravery: this is closely linked to honesty — I genuinely admire those who are not afraid to expose their scars and admit that they are weird or quirky and speak their thoughts (that is different from being straightforward) because it means you embrace yourself for who you are and you respect yourself, but sadly sometimes that’s being seen as foolish or stupid to trust other people

3. Being able to talk about normal stuff and literally everything: of course there are certain topics that are seemingly more interesting and fun to talk about such as gossiping other people’s junk or discussing which Hollywood stars are not living up to their fame…blah blah blah…

But, to be quite blunt and honest, when I am having a conversation with someone I am more interested in ‘real’ things, such as that person’s dreams, how they perceive social events, their interests and hobbies, their views on existing education system…etc. it’s difficult for me to explain but I guess a person is attractive to me when he/she is able to switch to any topics easily or is be able to listen to others attentively even when they don’t have much opinion on that topic.

Finally, the ability to initiate a conversation with someone who is not attractive nor funny may look easy but trust me it’s not common so I find it rare and valuable if a person is willing to talk to me after meeting up a couple of times even when I was being a complete dork during those get-togethers, because people usually gravitate to attractive people and have a tendency to exclusively obtain their attention, it’s just the way the world works.


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