When Things Get Out of Control

Yes, it’s true and it is not exactly over and done with. I am hopeful that just writing it all out will bring some clarity in my head. Many times you can set me straight. About 4 or 5 times a year I get a migraine.  After the first 5, my doctor found something that would work for my body. She wrote exactly what to do in my chart just in case she was not available. No one will follow her directions and things don’t go smoothly.

The migraine was full on and my doctor was not available. The other doctor would not use the medication my doctor would. My husband finally said, we have to try something. Within 7 minutes of the injection (and I was in the car, the left side of my face went completely numb.) I was concerned, and still very ill and nauseous and sick. I thought the best thing to do was try and sleep it off. 

The next day things had not improved. I called at 9:00 and my doctor couldn’t see me until 4:30. I had no choice I will wait. Someone canceled and I was able to get in at 3:30. (I had been sick all day, my face still numb on the left side and my head hurt.)

My favorite nurse came in to take my blood pressure. She said “Something must be wrong with this cuff. It’s really, really hight. She got another machine, took it again, and then told my husband to get the doctor right now.  My doctor came in and took my blood pressure and said we have to do something right now.” I said “Okay, what should we do?”

“How did your blood pressure get to 188?”

“I assume that number is not a good one and  I don’t know. I know my face is numb, my head hurts, I am nauseous and you guys are scaring me.”

They all started talking to each other and I lost track. Finally, I heard the doctor say, get her to the Emergency Room right now, I am calling to let them know you are on your way. The doctor who had given me the shot came in the room and said we needed to wait for an ambulance. My doctor said, “we can’t wait.” With that, my husband took my hand hurried me to the car and we were on our way. 

Got to the emergency room and checked in. That was about the time my tears started. The very nice doctor asked me why I was crying. 

“You are going to need to put an iv in me. To do that you will need to get an ultrasound machine to help locate the vein.”

“Oh no, mam I do this all the time.”

After 30 minutes of him trying to get an iv in me,  my husband said, “Please either get the ultrasound to find the vein or knock her out with something. This can’t be helping her blood pressure.”  The doctor asked if I always cried like this. He said, “Yes, every time she needs an iv and they refuse to listen to her she cries.”

They went and got the machine and my husband was counting the number of pokes he could see that they had tried without the machine. He announced “Honey, they poked you 16 times. Maybe later we can play dot to dot. ” I said to the doctor “Please do your best with the machine and get my husband a marker.”

The IV is finally in and I said “what now?” We are going to do an MRI of your brain. “Will that help my blood pressure?” He walked away.  The nurse explained that I would have to lie still for about an hour and thirty minutes, perhaps more. I then said, “well then I am going to the restroom before that starts.” 

“You can’t go alone.”

“My husband will go with me.”

“Is he qualified?”

“Yes, he knows how to pull the emergency cord as do I.”

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