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Someday everything will be fine again

Being home alone or with your loved ones, now is the time to stop and reflect on your relationship with yourself. To look at ourselves and the other from the country, to see the pains and wounds that may hinder closer communication. 

Now is the time when we can really spend a lot of time with each other because we don’t have to rush anywhere, our meetings, plans, jobs, and many other obstacles that often create barriers to quality communication now do not restrict us.

Looking into another’s eyes and sitting down for a sincere conversation is often a major challenge for many of us. We are afraid that we will be not understood, that our doubts about another person will come true, and that the relationship will collapse. 

Let us protect ourselves and others. Let’s be communal, visit grandparents or other loved ones who have to stay at home, and help them bring food or other essentials, as this will be the greatest help them at this time.

Let’s build strong relationships, discover inner peace, see good in others that will make us smile and forget all the hardships we have for a moment. After all, life is fragile and light like a dandelion fluff. Here it is still blooming, and here it is already carried by a gust of wind.

Life goes, went and will go, and we were, are, and hopefully will be… And someday everything will be fine again.

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  1. Yes, I live in hope that it will all be OK again, once this is all over. We need to stay positive and make the best of things, as you say. Unfortunately, since I live alone, and we have been ordered to stay at home as much as possible, things are very, very lonely for me. I don’t see anyone at all now. I don’t see my friends very often anyway, but now I can’t even do that, or go to the library or the coffee-shop. One reason I used to do that was because there were people to talk to there. But now I have no one. Oh well. Let’s hope it gets better soon, eh?

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