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Every person has their own interests and talents. When I started the “Let’s Do More” challenge a few days ago, there were some friends who said they cannot join because they felt the challenge was asking for something that was not their talent. Doc Anderson is one of them. He didn’t join specifically with the challenge but in other ways. He has written poetry to replace his participation which later I’ve responded with poetry too, and so on. The following is part of our chat and poetry which departed from a black and white picture in my post a few days ago entitled Journey Trail with an image like the one above in black and white and written in my tutorial post. I edited the image to give a different feel to be displayed again in this post.

The Dialog

DocAndersen 3 days ago

Impressive both the actual image and your tutorial on how to arrive. Sadly I do not have the talent to be a part of the challenge, but I will read and watch!

Albert Herdianto Widjojo 3 days ago

Are you joking that you have no talent? You? A man with millions of images and technology experts?


My art is poetry, visually I am challenged.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo 

I just rewrote the title of this challenge here: “Let’s Do More”. Hehe…

DocAndersen Albert Herdianto Widjojo 

That’s okay too… I’ll wait for your poem, Coach.


I will start working on it now. Well, at lunch today.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo 

Yeah! I’m so happy with that!


I know that I shall never write

A poem

Anywhere near



As a tree.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo 

Why are there people

plant beautiful trees

on someone else’s page?


They are the children

Whose empty swing

Now touches nothing

The ropes



No longer a swing

For it is not used

Just a memory of a tree that once was.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo 

In the past

it is an interesting stop

source of joy

now obsolete has eaten it

make brittle


may have run out

eaten by the soil of era

but not all human children

who ever swung there

can go free from swing

to swing his life

in the swing of life now.

DocAndersen a day ago 

OK, that now that one the start of an amazing poetry. The image of “soil of era” eating the swing of childhood is haunting.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo a day ago

Tomorrow I will put your poem and me in a special post.

DocAndersen about 14 hours ago

Nice! It is fun to collaborate and interact with you, sir!

Albert Herdianto Widjojo about 14 hours ago

Thanks. I say the same about you, Sir.

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    • I agree with you. I think, actually, I also have conversations with many friends here, besides Doc, also with you, Alex, LaJenna, Alibb, Kim, Lado, Ellie, Deepizzaguy, Mavic, and others because I like trying to know and understand other people but this time Doc and I has wrote poems as ever did by Beada-beada and Bradley too.

      About challenge, I think you have so much to do, so you should first thing first, Carol.


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