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A Bowl Soup Of Life For You ~ Let's Do More

Prepare your pan

put in the chopped vegetable garden of all sorts

add five mountains of insight

fill with the waters of the ocean of life

cook with great fire your spirit

spice it with a smoothed life events

boil it a full day till the meat of mind cooked fully 

stir with the stick of consciousness continuously.

Prepare your bowl

that half ball container

pour it in the hole

as much as enough for your day

your noon and night

sprinkle with a pinch of experience salt acid

add the peeled onion slices out

presented beautifully as it is

serve while hot.

Prepare your mouth and stomach

spoons it gratefully

enjoy with all feeling

chew the pleasure sincerely

until it’s smooth

swallow it well so you don’t choke

let it enter the contemplation stomach

carried by the blood throughout the life organs

to your full health.

I present this soup for you and especially LaJenna, who has asked for a healthy bowl of food.

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      • The evil laugh Hehehe reminds me of the pixie 🙂 Of course I have never seen you and the pixie at the same time, perhaps you truly are the pixie, or she you?

        • Because I have never seen you write an expression of your laughter (or maybe I am not paying attention to it) I even had to consider for a few hours to write my expression with Ha or He or lol like the others…

          I think your guess is quite legitimate and quite reasonable. Perhaps what needs to be paid attention to is how to distinguish between Hehehe a la Philippines and the Indonesian version, well, although it is indeed both are Southeast Asia.

          • Ah see in the us HEHEHE is an evil laugh (or mu hahahah deep voice) can also be an evil laugh.
            The second is the laugh of the villain. The first is of the prankster.

        • Great feedback, Doc. See… I know nothing about this kind of thing. Before Tsu (then Niume, Virily, and Minds) I always express laughter with Ha or He and not with lol in a variety of responses on social media, and it does not intersect with any good or bad impression at all. Now I even think, does the use of “See” as I wrote above have a certain connotation?
          I understand now why you have written “I laugh” several times or “you’ve made me laugh” rather than expressions as I often made before.

          I really hope that you continue to give this kind of input so that I don’t make unnecessary mistakes that can give inconvenience the reader. This is an important lesson about cultural adaptation for me. Thanks a lot, Coach.