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Inspiring Sky ~ 365 Photos Challenge #289

The nice thing about going out of town via the toll road on weekdays during working hours is free from traffic jams. The mind will be more easily invited to appreciate everything that is around than to be bound to resentment because of slowness and delay.

A smooth road plus fine weather is a blessing. Blessings to see the blue sky and everything that becomes bright from the sun. At the point of enjoying the scene, a unique understanding emerged in mine, that from here, all the luminous rays came from the sun, but up there, from the sun, there was nothing but the sun. Likewise, with seeing the sky in the rearview mirror, there will be no sky in the mirror if there is no blue sky up there, so also if the mirror breaks, the sky remains. That is the mirror, the surface that reflects what is in front of it, and the surface itself is “non-existent”, meaning that it does not have its own form.

Hmmm… I think that is a picture of the manifestation of The Existence. But, I think that is not the mind, because it is difficult for the mind to understand that all existence originates and belongs to The Existence in the same way as sunlight, in the end, is nothing but the sun. Also like the cosmos which is a reflection, reflected by the “nonexistence”, from something that forms the cosmos.

This inspiration seems to intend to say that everything in the universe is a mirror that reflects the provisions of the One, Being, and Absolute Reality, where that is the only exists, the Alpha and Omega of all existence and also the only Reality and being here and now of all that appears to us as independent objects and reality. This inspiration also seems to mean to say that this is the highest goal of human life to return to our pre-existential reality.

Ahh… I’m lucky for the driving friend asked me to talk and break the journey of inspiration. If not, maybe I will go too far.

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    Have you ever been so immersed in the enjoyment of observation?

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    Do you often have inspiration that looks very different from what the senses can capture and digest by the mind?

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  1. Ah what a great question – the easy answer is yes. Then of course you got me thinking, realizing that yes isn’t the only answer. Always is a better answer, but then of course there are always the questions that come to mind.
    So never then would be the answer.
    Always, thinking about something, but never thinking about anything at all.

  2. I’m confused… the mirror has a form, doesn’t it?
    The form that limits how much it can reflect and in what shape it reflects?

    Though about inspiration, I’ve had people telling me, “are you sure it’s inspired by X? Because it’s nothing like X!” but that was more in the past… I somehow stuck in a mirror with form now …
    but I guess that is the homework …

    • The mirror in question is “surface”, whether it’s the surface of the water, the window, even the mirror itself. It has no form, that is to say, that if it shows you because it is faced with you, then the form that appears is you, and not the mirror.

      Imagine, what if X manifested as anything, everything, whether “which is like” or “nothing like X”, without time limits… What if it was said that the world was mysteriously drowning in X?

      Ahh… My apology if I made you confused. But I am happy for at least you feel you have a homework. I can only say that Unity of Being, or Oneness, say X, can only be known by experiencing it spiritually.

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