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Three ~ 365 Photos Challenge #363

The countdown has begun. I will launch immediately!

Three; in seconds, it’s very fast! But on a daily basis, well… you must have the time and patience to wait.

Three days can mean a lot, right? For a vacation or together with loved ones, or with family, it must be very meaningful.

Three days, the time in that quantity, has a lot of meaning for me, for example when I have to “white fasting”, which means I can only eat a handful of rice and a little salt in one day for three days when I learn to tame snakes and at the same time immune of its poisons. Or another fast for cleansing the soul (mind and ego) such as “Patigeni” which means that you cannot see light at all for three days; which means at the same time having to stay in a dark room without eating and drinking. Or also “fasting to sleep” which means you have to stay awake fully, you should not fall asleep at all for three days too.

In addition, three days had also been a special experience when I had to be quarantined in a drug dependency hospital, in that amount of time. That has happened when I was in high school. I was able to be free after running away by climbing up the high wall in the hospital finally, so I don’t need to experience the fourth day and so on. I do not regret that I have experienced such a thing but instead be grateful that I was able to overcome it with my own determination and ability.

Btw, the picture above is the official number plate of the local government for my house number. That is my address.

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  1. 3, doesn’t everything comes in threes Your number, the tripod of Virily. The stabilizing structure. The Philosopher.
    3 is the perfect number for you, Albert!

  2. Like others and you have pointed out, its all about what you are doing or waiting for. Three days can seem like an eternity or go by in just a flash. Great thoughts to ponder!