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If You Can't Change Your Situation, Change Your Attitude – My Happy List

Inspired by Ghostwriter’s post about the things that are under our control, I decided to publish some of the things I listed there, and also expand the list. They are inspired by similar lists on the internet, I collected the ones that feel universal to me. Some are also borrowed from Carol’s list in the same comment section. Sometimes, we don’t have a choice, but many other things are our choice. 

First, I want to write a few words about control. It’s very important to find the balance, because we may end up restricting ourselves. I have seen people who almost punish themselves with restrictions because they lack control in other areas of their life.

Some things you can control:

  • How many times you smile today;
  • How you interpret situations;
  • How many times you say “thank you”;
  • How you express your feelings;
  • How much time you think about the past;
  • How much time you spend worrying;
  • How much you appreciate the things you have;
  • How much you share with others;
  • How open-minded you are;
  • How you treat others;
  • How many risks you take;
  • How much effort you exert at work;
  • How many new things you try;
  • How many times you admit you don’t know something;
  • How many times you are ready to hear an opinion different than yours;
  • Whether or not you judge other people;
  • Whether you try again after you fail the first time;
  • Whether you ask for help;
  • Whether you decide to feel offended;
  • Whether you forgive others and yourself;
  • Whether or not you give someone the benefit of the doubt;
  • Whether or not you form expectations of people;
  • Which commitments you keep and cancel;
  • When you walk away from a conversation;
  • Your words;
  • Your level of honesty.

Years ago, someone gifted me a plaque with these words:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

It’s surely something I often forget, as wisdom doesn’t always come to me naturally. 

It’s a list with potential to spark some positivism, so I am posting this under my challenge My Happy List.

What are the things you are in control of?

  • You are the captain of your ship?

    • Yes
    • No


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