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5 Reasons To Enjoy January – My Happy List

January tends to be the coldest and gloomiest month if you live in the Northern hemisphere, a difficult one to get back on track regarding productivity and finances after the holidays, and the peak of flu season. The list can get even longer, but here are a few reasons to enjoy this month instead. 

  1. A new beginning – it may sound like a cliche, but it’s the perfect time to start working on your New Year’s resolutions, or pick a new hobby or activity. It’s also the best time to get in shape since there’s not much else to do.
  2. Quiet time – since it’s cold outside, and there is a higher chance to catch viruses in places with large groups of people, it’s the perfect moment to enjoy some alone time or a quiet activity,  catch up on reading and watching shows, or try the recipes you meant to but didn’t have the time for. It’s also not a surprise that World Introvert Day is celebrated in January.
  3. Travel – if you have the chance, enjoy a classic winter destination or even visit a warmer place. 
  4. The day is getting longer – after the shortest day in December, slowly but steadily the daylight is officially increasing each day. Something that makes me very happy.
  5. Sales – there are usually all kinds of sales after the holidays, so January is the perfect time to get the things you have been planning to.

What are your reasons to enjoy January?

  • Pick your favorite reason to enjoy January

    • A new beginning
    • Quiet time
    • Travel
    • The day is getting longer
    • Sales
    • Other (please, tell me in the comments)


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