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Holidays can plunge us into despair

Let us ask ourselves about the purpose of the holidays since material gifting has long ago displaced the warmth in the relationship, the attention and the time of the neighbor. Christmas and New Year holidays are undoubtedly the biggest celebrations of the year, many glittering fanciers are preparing for them several days before, and many are starting to save for gifts and sumptuous menus in the summer. Happy December is one way or another for everyone: some joyfully, but more and more people are sadly saddened, insecure and lonely. Decorations, lights, music and richly stocked stalls all over the place bombard with reminders that it is time to socialize, love and show attention, distress those who found themselves without proximity favorite, perhaps also with health problems or financial difficulties are expected to go even deeper. Situations that are otherwise manageable during the year can turn into a great source of stress during the holidays, which not only spoils the mood but can also push many into sadness, depression or even thinking about a fatal end. The pressure of advertisers who show only the merry side of the holidays is a huge burden for many.

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  1. The holidays are so different now, but in part that is because we all change. As a child I counted the days to first my birthday, then a few days later Christmas.
    it was a countdown from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
    But now, I feel a loss each year of things no longer the same.

  2. I don’t like the commercialism of Christmas, many animals are abandoned at Christmas, family violence goes up with the stress of the time of year.
    New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and this is probably a time.
    CAr accidents increase, too much greed

    To me, Christmas is all about family and friends and looking out for others not a commercial enterprise.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I totally agree with you. Even for me, Christmas is the most beautiful when all the family gathers. I don’t like all the “boom” that’s going on during this time.

  3. The thing about New Year for us (Chinese) is that we MUST pack and clean thoroughly, it’s a tradition and its tied closely to pride and “face” …. either way, it is a pain in the a~~! That is one of the biggest reason why I dislike CNY.

    As for the “western” new year, my family is not into that or Christmas … it’s the time we rest at home while having some nice food. But this year, I’m going to a countdown with my mum (overseas) … it’s more like a getaway.

    And yes, we’ve both X’mas and Chinese New Year songs being played at shops now… it’s kinda … funny

  4. The cities start to prepare for Christmas too early, I think. Very soon after summer, no place to enjoy autumn…
    Anyway even lonely people can communicate more often during the celebration period. It’s a nice opportunity to make many phone calls to dear people even if you feel lonely, and then have pleasant meetings at cozy (and simple) places or at home. Why wait for their call? One can make a first step towards another under the pretext of New Year holidays and thus give and receive a lot of warmth.
    No need to get crazy about preparing expensive presents, I believe. For instance we had a 3 days journey last Christmas to a place only 200km away from us. Even 3 days gave us the special fairy tale feelings and the new place and people added new impressions! My New Year outfit was not new but I felt happy.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I totally agree with you. It is my opinion that much depends on how we spend our holidays. I know many people who live in memories. I don’t know if they don’t know or don’t want to look into the future.

  5. Too much commercialism for Christmas and in this Florida resort town there is some decoration but not too much. I do a bit of decorating at home but since I am alone and miss those that are not with me any longer I don’t do too much for Christmas

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