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Handwriting Analysis – A Fun Hobby

Handwriting analysis, more formally called graphology, used to be one of my favorite hobbies. When I was working I had plenty of people around that were interested in having their handwriting “read”.

The size of the writing, the slant, the way you form certain letters, the pressure that you use when you write…all these tell something about your personality. Other characteristics are the way you cross you t’s, dot your i’s, how you make your loops and what type of stroke you use to end a word. Do the letters of a word get smaller as you’re writing? Do your margins change? Are your a’s and o’s completely closed; or is there an opening at the top?

Many people have said that there is no substance to the art of graphology; but I beg to differ. I never had one person say, “This is wrong”.

I always did my analysis for free because it was a hobby for me; and I enjoyed it. I always made sure to ask the people if they wanted to hear the good with the bad. They always said “yes”. When given my full report, the people were sometimes angry about the bad aspects of their personality that were revealed; but they did not deny them. I even analyzed my own handwriting and was amazed when it was right on the money!

Cursive handwriting is gradually being removed from required subjects in various schools. That’s sad in many ways…and it definitely puts the graphologist out of work!

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share one of my interests with you.

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Written by LindaOH


  1. I have never had my handwriting analyzed by someone, I used to be very interested in this when I was in high school. Some how the interest faded away.

  2. I agree someone’s handwriting can give a clue about the person’s personality or traits. As a teacher, I try to encourage my students to write eligibly not like a startled chicken.

  3. I started out life as a 2nd-grade teacher. My handwriting was pristine. Then I moved to software architecture. My handwriting when downhill fast.

    Now my wife says my signature looks more like the Loch Ness monster than a signature.