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Today, November 21, 2019, my mother celebrates her birthday, she is seventy-seven now. A little surprise for her, all of us, biological children – all of her daughters/son-in-law and some of her grandchildren came to celebrate her birthday without giving her word that we would come even though we had called her since morning to wish her a happy birthday.

She was very happy and did not expect that we would come. Of course, she is very happy because she lives alone. I came a few hours earlier with my two daughters than the family of my other siblings just to ensure that she did not go anywhere. This is just a simple event, we gather, have dinner together, sing a birthday song for her while she blows out candles and cuts the cake to be distributed to all present. The rest, we just talk about a lot of things and jokes.

Each family who came brought one to two food menus for us to enjoy together, and that was very much. This is the third birthday celebration this November after my wife on the 10th, and my youngest brother (he who has glasses and sits behind my mother) on the 11th.

The person holding the cake is one of my youngest sisters who will celebrate her birthday on December 24, four days after my oldest sister’s birthday. I had passed my birthday a few months ago eleven days before my youngest sister’s birthday. Luckily, we live in the same city and the location where we live with each other is relatively close.

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