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Garden Animal – Skink

I love any animal that visits or resides in my garden. But there are minor exceptions. I don’t like rats or bandicoots. I like all the birds that visit my garden from Asian Fly Catcher to Kingfisher.

On animals, different species of lizards and squirrels frequent my garden. Skink is a type of lizard commonly found in our region. This picture was taken by me in Chennai, India.  It is a reclusive animal that stays away from human beings. Initially, this one was running away from me. Later, it became a bit curious wondering what I am doing with my mobile phone and chasing this slimy creature. So after about fifteen minutes, it has been kind enough to pose for few shots.

All skinks look like lizards but this specific type of skink moves more like a snake. There is some misconception that skinks can be poisonous but in reality, they are not. So skink is not an animal to fear but admire for its beauty.

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Written by MohanBabu

I am a marketing professional from India holding a postgraduate degree in management. My interests include travel, sports, astronomy, health, gardening, and photography.


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