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Future state – the Louvre on YOUR wall!!!!

The picture is one I promised to Alex Ledante. It is an image of my father’s painting “Faculty Meeting.” My father was given the painting many years ago when he was teaching at Niles West High School. It now, well not currently but will again soon, hangs in our guest room.

The reality of subscription models continues to expand. Most of us are used to the model; we have home phones, cable, or internet that we pay for on a subscription basis. Amazon has some cleaning and healthcare/personal hygiene products that are on their subscription and based the Walmart Model of economic impact (better to sell more at a lower price than a few at a higher price.) they, Amazon lower the cost of good in the subscription model. SaaS, or what is more commonly called Software as a Service is that model for software applications. You pay for what you use. This is different in that the other side of subscription models is the monthly subscription model some SaaS providers use. In that model, you pay a fee every month for access to their applications. Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud are examples of this. An AWS Cloud or Azure Cloud account allows you to start and stop VM’s in the cloud; you only pay when the VM is active. The other side of the model.

Services are interesting, often providing more functionality than we need. For example, Office 365 has a per mailbox charge. But if you get a license for Microsoft Office online (confusingly also called Office 365) you actually can use five copies of the Office Suite. You need a license for your iPad, Android Tablet and any computer you use office on. But the overall cost of that is less than what it cost to update and upgrade office every year as it was released.  That subscription model gives you greater functionality at a lower cost.  The other advantage of getting the Office 365 subscription for the Office Suite, is you pay once a year and have access to the application on five devices. All are automatically updated to the newest version of the software!

I wonder when a museum is going to learn the value of subscription models and launch a new service? Can you imagine a time when you could have a painting, such as the one in the picture I shared today, in your house?  But, instead of an actual piece of artwork, you have an application on your cellular device or laptop and access to the Louvre’s library of art. Want to impress your friends at dinner? Hang the Mona Lisa in your dining room. Huge Dutch artist fan? Hang rotating works by Rembrandt and Van Gogh in your living room. The subscription would be a monthly fee. But you would get access to the art of the world. Much as you can interact with music streaming today.

$2.99 a month gets you the master’s paintings hanging in your bathroom!

  • Question of

    Would you pay $1.99 a month to use images of famous art on your wall at home?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Would you pay $1.99 a month for access to someone like Alex Ledante’s art?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • It would based on that you would need a device ID system. (sometimes call a UID, or unique ID). I suspect the easy way would be to grab the MAC address (hard-wired into all network cards) and use that to create the UID.

      People that are willing to bend the rules are going to bend the rules. It is the one thing that I hate more than anything because it forced others to change.

          • I do not know and I cannot say anything about that. Our personal core values are the same with or without the internet. I mean, if a person wants to be dishonest, he/she will be dishonest even if you put him/her on your watch 24/7.

          • Maybe. But I doubt it. Remember the Japanese proverb that said a person has 3 faces: one he/she shows to public, another he/she shows to family and friends and the third he/she only shows to him/herself. My assumption, therefore, is that people who exhibit negativity online are negative at the root. I hold to the belief that the character we see in virtual world is the character of the person that lives within ?. Oh, but that is just me ?

        • You have a good heart. The studies done at the University of Washington and repeated at the University of Chicago don’t bear that out.

          Now, we could argue the nasty at the root thing. But people were more willing to post negative things online where they were not known. Things that they never said in the real world, even with the same stimuli.

          • Then those people are nasty at the root. Remember Jekyl and Hyde? Or the serial killer being portrayed by Zac Efron? People also did not think they will do hideous things. So, I guess, the Japanese proverb is true.

          • Exactly. A person is truest to him/herself when no one is watching, isn’t it? No, let us not call it evil issue. But see, some people keep so much pain and loneliness in their hearts, so much disappointment towards life. Being that, they project it as anger or bulliness or negativity towards object of blame. They are humans, Doc. Only that they quarrel with life and have trouble with acceptance – – – even acceptance of self. Some people who appear as haters are, at the core, hate themselves. Some people who appear as pixies are, at the core, old crones who are kids at heart ???

        • Or dusty, since pixies love to spread fairy dust!

          In my heart, I hear your words. I can’t, however, accept them. I wish instead to believe that people who speed do so because they are in a hurry. Not because they disregard the law.
          That people who post negative things just do so because no one calls them out. I can honestly say I’ve called a couple of the folks that post negatively in the facebook group out.
          They have stopped posting negative things.
          Did I remove a safe forum for them to be negative or did I change the behavior?

          • I follow a simple rule. If, in my heart, I feel that doing it is the right thing, then I express my feelings or views about certain issues. (I wrote a rant about legalization of abortion, didn’t I, even if it does not concern me.) Did you or did they? Does not matter, right? The answer to that question depends on whose view it is.

          • I understand your passion and your loyalty, Doc, and really those are good things to have. Wise men say that a person must have a stand because tyranny and injustice happened when we do not know where we stand ?

        • My father always said, “stand up when others are being counted.” It was something that many in the US said during WWII. If a group counts people, make sure they count you.

          If we do not fight for what is right, then what do we leave after us?

          • Your wife, Mrs. Anderson, is unfortunately right ??? but I have the same problem as yours so I understand where you are coming from. It is a good trait, I still think so. But, sometimes, that same trait taxed the people we love to keep up with us (without us knowing it) and at times they have trouble keeping up and they feel guilty for not keeping up. Talking from experience ?

        • My grandfather used to always tell me “is that the hill you want to die on?” What he meant was is that where you are putting all your resources?

          If so, do it. But remember, you can’t split the battlefield into two hills. One hill at a time,.

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