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Five random facts about myself

Thinking what about to write (my muses are on vacation now) I got an idea to share some fun facts about myself. Let it be a challenge to us for sharing five random facts about ourselves. Let’s get to know each other a little better. 

And so, five random facts about myself:

1. Whenever I walk, I look through the outside to the windows to see how people live, especially when there are no curtains and it is already dark enough. Lithuanians, unfortunately, often pull the curtains, but in Scandinavia, it can be seen a lot of their lifestyle and interiors from their homes. Each time being in Scandinavia, I enjoy their homes without any curtains but with a lot of flowers on the windowsills. Such curiosity looks weird but what to do, I have such a weird habit.

2. I cannot live any day without olives. I eat buckets of them in the literal sense of the word. Everyone who knows me laughs, they say: don’t give me any cakes but give me olives if want to see my happy face. So my friends store enough olives if they invite me to the guest. I can eat them in the morning, lunch, and evening. And never get bored of them.

3. I am very fond and interested in psychology. Sometimes I regret that this is not my profession. I always listen and try to help as much as I can. And it doesn’t matter if I know that person or not. I wonder about other people and the troubles that plague them. I like to watch people react differently to all kinds of things like when they lie, say honestly, get angry and so on.

4. I have been in circus only one time, and I no longer was interested in such a thing. Firstly, I felt bored, secondly, I am against the exploitation of animals. My mother was right to never take us there, I think we lost nothing. Instead, we often went to performances.

5. I am fatally afraid and dislike all worms and snakes. When I see any worm I can even vomit and if it were in my hands, I would probably be unconscious.

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