The workout: December 4×4 Challenge

I wanted to get my twenty minutes of activity in today, but wasn’t in the mood for anything strenuous as far as a workout, so I took it very easy. I went for at least forty minutes today, so that I can get some quality blogging in as well as reading. At the back of my mind I had the Sweaty Betty 8 hour, 21 day challenge on my mind as well. The closer I get to seven hours, the easier it will be to obtain this badge. 

During this workout, I got the urge to put forth some miles for the December walking challenge today which I have only been using as a cool down or as an activity to do when I do not want to run. I credit my music for getting me through 44 minutes of walking on the treadmill, and the thought of gaining that Sweaty Betty badge. 

I’m thinking tomorrow may be an off day or maybe for just a walk around the park solely to take pictures of nature. I have fifty nine more minutes left into the Sweaty Betty 8 hour, 21 day challenge. 


  • 8.52 mile bike
  • 2.19 mile walk

Oh! And I received my covid-19 test result this morning. Though I had no symptoms, I felt relieved to have a negative result.


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