The workout: December 4×4 Challenge

I am glad I completed two of my workouts at the beginning of the week as part of the December 4×4 Challenge because it has been a wild work week. It leaves me going into the weekend to finish up this challenge with only two more workouts to go. Today’s workout,  I contemplated between walking for twenty minutes outside or doing a twenty minute yoga session. 

I ended up going with the yoga session because it had gotten late in the day on top of it being cold outside. What I am loving about yoga is that there are plentiful virtual yoga workouts shared on YouTube that allow me to go for a target time as well as learn some new poses in the process. This evening, I found a virtual session by Sarah Beth lasting twenty minutes which worked well for the December 4×4 Challenge. Though I struggled with my cow face pose during this session, I really loved Sarah Beth Yoga because she was clear during her instructions and did not move too fast while switching positions. With that I will be looking for more of her sessions in the future which I hope there are some that are shorter in length. 

I picked up these comfortable Levi’s shoes earlier in the day. Excited to pair them with my Levi’s jean collection.


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