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Five Random Facts About Dawn

I found this to be an interesting challenge,  I thought I would participate in  this challenge. Reading Ellie925’s post and Carol DM post inspired me to do this.

There are things you already know about me that I am a nature lover and I am plant crazy , so i will keep taht out of my 5 random facts about me.

Here are the 5 Random facts about me

I laugh a lot and people tell me they like the way I laugh.

I am always clowning around with people I love.

I love animals and I at one point I even owned a mini zoo, a few dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs,  goats, chickens, ducks, squirrels, parrots, budgies, pigeons, cat, and even and a few beetles.

I love to cook, but only when my boys are around, my husband is a poor eater.

As a kid I used to love climbing trees and wearing flowers in my ears.

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