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Dude Relaxing ~ Saturday Critters

Once again I am sharing one of my cats, the Dude, as he relaxes in the screen room. The sun is shining nice and bright today. He will be asleep soon. Clicked this as he started to doze off. My cats have a good life.

They teach me every day how to chill and forget about anything negative.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Oh my… I’m going to nap too…
    The dude looks so chilled!

    I think chilling-ness is contagious and spreads in any medium, even over the internet!

  2. Animals do teach us a lot. Yesterday Lolly was circling round my legs relentlessly – I almost tripped. Then I realised he was asking me to look for Pinkie as I could hear her meowing. I found her on the terrace. The terrace door was closed. (lol)

  3. Yes, when I open the front door in the morning a cat is leaning against it waiting for me to give it cat food. The neighbours cats eat at everyones house, including ours.