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Black Cats Are So Cool ~ Says The Dude

Have been missing out friend Elenka. Was browsing funny cat videos and thought of her when I saw this one.

She talked a lot about all of the stray cats in her country. They are always fed well by the people that love there.

The Dude watched this one with me. He approves, so I will try to share it with you. 

Sharing an edit of the Dude (©CarolDM) in the photo above! 

He loves being on his back and watching the upside down world.

For those interesting, here is a cat that looks exactly like my Dude. Except he stays right by my side, constantly.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. People hate black cats on the belief they’re used by witches. But I love them, even black dogs. And yes, I love watching animals. I’m always watching Facebook videos about, mostly, cats, and YouTube, on all animals.


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