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Does Facial Recongition violate your

I was speaking with a long time co-worker from a few years ago. We usually catch up once or twice a year. She was interested in a couple of the security posts I had shared and reached out to me with the information I am sharing today. She has long been an IT professional, and I respect her opinion on many topics. I don’t agree with her statement, but I do understand her point.

“facial recognition software is a complete violation of my civil rights.”

First off, I do not agree with the statement, but I do understand the logic behind the statement. If a camera captures you, you are in the realm that lies between legal and privacy. The owner of a business, house, or building has the right to capture images of any person that comes within the distance of the sidewalk and the parking areas of their structure, home, and or business. They do also in the US, provide that information to the police with the proper documentation (usually a subpoena or warrant). Now, the tricky questions come. First, the owner cannot sell the images. It happens, but that is not legal in the sense that the owner of the tape cannot convey permission. In other words, in the US, a warrant or subpoena is required. Only then, with the legal document, can that video footage be turned over.

The other side of that is the reality of facial recognition. Many law enforcement agencies use that for known security risks. Many governments use facial recognition when public officials are speaking with citizens to protect that official. But, as my friend stated, many people believe that initial identification of the person’s face violates your rights.

It is an interesting problem – that image of you. Unlike your fingerprint, the image of you cannot be as quickly captured and reused. Someone can carefully lift your fingerprints, and using a quick-dry rubber company; they can recreate your prints. Your face is a little harder to replicate that way. It can be done, but that isn’t my friend’s issue. It is the connection of your picture to your identity. Her point is more that without consent, no one should run facial recognition.

It is a provocative statement. My argument would be that it isn’t violating my privacy to use facial recognition on my image. But, I will open it up to the community. What do you think?

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    Yes (3 votes) – 100%
    Yes (2 votes) – 25%
    No (6 votes) – 75%
    Yes (5 votes) – 83%
    No (1 votes) – 17%

  2. I had a phone that had a fingerprint, and I would have downloaded a face recognition app but I no longer use them. I have a phone that doesn’t have a fingerprint or facial recognition feature. They are good security options but I prefer the password, pin or pattern.

  3. The intent behind the technology is fine.. but this is what worries me
    “It happens, but that is not legal ”
    We had an instance in one area under surveillance cameras in our neighborhood, the guys in charge of this were recording a girl and her boyfriend engaging in some public show of affection and using it to threaten her to gain sexual favors.
    This bothers me .. there are people who do unethical things where is the law to protect us?
    Politicians and other corrupt [people could use tampered frames to get their enemies into legal jams with the help of corrupt law enforcement officials. Once you are get convicted its hard to get out and prove yourself innocent.
    We need to have clear laws, universal laws before we plunge into such things


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