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COmments were not working this morning

I will tell you have four years on this site that the value is the conversation in the comments. The inability to comment or reply to comments is honestly really hard to take. I feel bad because there are so many exciting comments I can see/ Based on that, I will start with an apology. I will have to catch up on the words once I can see them again.

There are two sides to every story so let’s break this down into two different things.

  1. The admins are working on the site; how do I know? The comments change requires a code change on the site. So the good news here is that the Admins are working to improve the site.
  2. The bad news is that comments are gone, and of course, we still don’t have consistent post approvals.

Honestly, this is one of those frustrating things that happens from time to time online. We could be in a much worse situation (log into TSU right now, there are more spam accounts than real accounts.) I did talk briefly about taking a break. I did want to clarify the concept. If enough of us agree, we will do the gap in the following manner.

  1. We would notify the admin team of the day the break starts.
  2. We would notify the admin team why we were taking a break
  3. We would then take a two to three-day break. But we wouldn’t do so until we had completed the first two steps and that enough authors were willing to walk away from the site for a few days (no more than 3). I don’t know if this would impact the admin team. I have been thinking about it, and older posts still represent 40% or more of the trending posts. So at this point, we are getting views on old posts still.

Let’s consider the good news and keep trying!

PS send a message to the admins again; no new posts today.

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    Did you experience the comments bug?

    • Yes
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    i am way behind on comments I will get to them when I can see them again, ok?

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    the really good news is they are still improving the site!

    • Yes
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    But email the admins about post approval ok?

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I was literally on the site when the comment bug happened. It was weird seeing them one minute then the next not. I thought someone blocked me from viewing certain things on their page. I am taking a hiatus now, but I hope the site is around once I do log back on.

  2. The comments are still now working this evening and I have had it. I will post and worry about the rest tomorrow. I kept all my notifications and did not delete them as usual because I cannot answer any comments. I hope this issue is fixed by tomorrow or else we all are in a pickle

  3. Yes I had the comment issue today. Not sure if admin would respond to us taking a break, why should they after all. I would rather them respond to other issues at the site. How would we even know they got our response about a break?

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