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Colour crazy challenge – blue

The last day for this week’s colour challenge and this is my first “blue” photo. Another old photo, but I’ll post some new ones tomorrow. Spring is getting stronger by the day and I have a bunch of photos of blooming trees.

The photo I uploaded here is from Vidraru lake in Romania, I took it from the dam. I think it’s a pretty view, I always take a few pictures when we go there.

See you tomorrow, another week, another colour!

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  • Visited a dam recently? If yes, was it scary to look down?

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    • I’m Superman/Superwoman, I love heights!

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  1. Very pristine, bright blue looking lake. But I would be scared to death looking at it from a dam or a cliff or a bridge as I am deadly afraid of heights. I am no superwoman… The fact remains that it is very clear looking and slightly cool even though you say that spring is coming. Here spring is very late as we still have snow banks galore even though they are melting slowly. But at least, there is no talks of flooding or flooded areas. Better a slow melt than a quick one.

    • Can’t say I’m afraid of heights, but I don’t like them either. Every time I’m on this dam I look down, but it’s a little scary, I take some pictures and I move on. The sceneries are great though ?.
      Spring is in charge here now, there is still some snow on the hills and mountains nearby, but it should be gone in a month or so.

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