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Brendel ~ Saturday Critters

Brendel is chilling in the screen room chair. Sharing the photo with today’s Saturday Critters challenge. The Dude was in another chair not far away. I had the fan going for them as we have another hot day today. Relief coming soon next week.

Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions. They pass no criticisms. ~George Eliot 

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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    Animals can be very therapeutic in our lives, agreed?

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    Do you have animals in your life? I know many of you do.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I don’t consider the bird in my house as one because we can’t interact at all …
    he does sings well tho …

    Brendel makes me want to lie down on my bed … lol

        • I’m not sure but I try to keep a distance, since him jumping in terror is not what I want to see … it not only mess up his feathers but he had lost his balance and felt to the “floor” of his cage a few times too …

      • Err … to be honest, not really…
        none of us wants a pet bird except my dad …
        and the bird is so afraid of humans, no one can get near him without him getting all flustered.