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Blue Iguana ~ Saturday Critters

Me and my two daughters, visited a nephew, the son of my wife’s eldest sister last week. Actually, the one we visited was his baby boy, who is currently eight months old.

After being quite satisfied playing with Kenzo, his name, and enjoying his adorable intelligence and behavior, I left the house a while, leaving him with the babysitter and my two daughters. Outside, I pay attention to the atmosphere of the environment in the real estate, with houses tight with each other. When I looked at the environment, I saw the collection of iguanas. They are in the front yard of the house right on the left side of the nephew’s house.

Their number is no less than ten and is the iguana of the same type, Iguana Morph or Blue Iguana. I have never seen anyone have so many iguanas, except in a pet shop.

  • I’m sure you know that they are…

    • herbivores
    • carnivores


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