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black vs white

no, this isn’t spy vs spy- this is dueling veils. the first section will deal with different backgrounds, followed buy the main event; veil color. finally we will close with a vote on whether or not to include a new addition to the piece

  • Question of

    which of the backgrounds works best?

    • ribbed
    • rocky
  • Question of

    which version do you prefer?

    • white
    • black
  • Question of

    should the death’s head moth be included?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

20 Points


  1. I have always loved these kinds of nudes. I forgot what it is called. Anywaaaayy… I love her! Love the shadows on her skin. I picked the ribbed, and off white. That lace is fabulous Alex. I would put a waterline in her eyes. You know how much I love the eyes.