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more veil experiments – WIP

if you participated in my veil face off, then you most likely recall my promise to render the winner with some hair. but as it turns out, the next step isn’t so straightforward as you might hope…

#1 auburn

made an unfortunate choice with disastrous results

5 points

#2 auburn

a slight difference between them

5 points

#3 blonde

as promised, black veil and blonde hair

4 points

#4 brunette

at least for this hair, the color doesn't seem to make much of a difference

3 points

What do you think?

13 points


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  1. Depending on the girl’s wishes, if she wants to use the veil so that her face is invisible then # 1 Auburn is appropriate, but if she wants to use the veil while still being able to show her face vaguely then # 3 blonde is the most suitable for her. That’s what I saw.

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