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Bird Feeder ~ Nature Tuesday

My dear neighbor called me earlier to come help her with her computer again. Not feeling well but of course I told her I would be there.

I had my phone and snapped this photo of her bird feeder in her garden. Would love one like this in my yard.

I helped her and got her on her way with finishing her book she is writing. I was glad to be of help once again. She is writing a book for her great-granddaughter as a Christmas gift.

Have a great day everyone and help others when you can.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Someone said (if I remember it right, it was Denzel Washington),
    “the most selfish thing we can do is helping others.”
    Why? Doing so gives us a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

    I do agree with him. Your neighbor is fortunate to have you as neighbor.

  2. We already have within ourselves that we love to help everyone. So sometimes we just forget about ourselves a little. Bird feeder is really something special.