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I always dreamed to be free: to work what I love, to live where I feel good, to be with those I love.

I try to make such my every day. And I get inspiration from smartbooks, but most of all from real examples. I have many friends who do not depend on working place (works via the internet) so they live where they want, one day there, other may sit on the plane and travel to another corner of our beautiful planet. 

But I love living here where I am now because here is my family, my children. I could not be far away from them for long. And even if I do not earn millions here, I still consider myself very rich – I have as much I need – the love of my family.

And I have always been fascinated by people who are free in their own spirit, who don’t press themselves into someone’s frames, who may have little, but when you look at them, it seems that they have more than others will ever have.

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  1. It is a dream for many to live a life like that. Hope I would realize this dream one day. I am happy for you that you are already living your dream.

  2. My wife and I attended a course many years ago called dream building. It was about, what couples need to do to build dreams that work for both partners.

    we go to a coffee shop with a notebook and no devices every year, and both write down and talk about what we want to accomplish together and apart.

  3. Human is not the creation of this planet , but human was very comfortable before coming to this planet or earth , and human is struggling to find that comfortness whole life.