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Are we experiencing a technical glitch here?

I am seeing a decline in the number of posts this week. There are very few numbers of posts that are getting approved this week. Is it our folks here are in a holiday mood and taking a break to recharge themselves. Or the admins are in a holiday mood or we are experiencing a technical challenge here? I am the only one who is thinking like this, or anyone else also agrees with me. Even a few of my posts are waiting in the pending queue. I don’t know much how the site works. Maybe this is the way it works. Kindly let us know if you think everything is fine, and it’s the normal way.

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  1. The site usually has ebbs and flows. Normally Monday is the heaviest day, followed by Friday in terms o few posts.

    There are a number of users that cannot post right now. Many of them are creating new accounts and posting that way (sad they had to do that).

      • which solves one problem (posting).

        The reality is like anything this site moves.

        I have watched the site and users for a long time now. The number of bugs for an application this complex isn’t as bad as people think.

        We do have some conspiracy theories out there.

        • What I think site like this do depends on their active user. When user get hits tjisitr get hits andif an user earn more site also earn more.

          Then i don’t get a reason, why they leave their active user to suffer?

          • well that is an interesting question.
            There are those who post a lot.
            there are those who comment a lot.
            There are those who (and you probably remember this) drive views for others.

            The balance right now is very difficult. But the reality is that the site isn’t doing this on purpose, no intent. It is impacting about a 1/3 of the user population right now.

            It isn’t good, and I feel bad for the people involved. But it is something that has happened.

    • I am shocked by Jaylar’s words. She has been posting here for over two years, made more than 3,000 posts, earned almost 200,000 virils. Yes, there is a technical issue preventing her and a number of other users posting for the last two weeks, and this has obviously affected how busy the site it, but it is shameful to call the site a scam and a ripoff when there is absolutely no basis for such talk.

  2. I think some people cannot create post as the create button is missing for them. Posts are not approved and published daily as I heard that a staff member is on leave, hence perhaps the Virily team is busy with solving the technical issues and doesn’t have much time to approve the pending posts. I am glad some posts have been published today. 🙂

    • The standard is to hold back various items to prevent the writer from earning. For example, if you get like 500 hits a day on your items, they have to hold back your posts because Admin hates to pay. So instead of that writer hitting threshold and above every month, they try to keep it to no more than 8x a year.

      What I find amusing is that users think, or are fooled to believe that these are glitches or technical issues.

      That’s like thinking when I hang up on you it is a ‘glitch’.

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