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Animals of the Rainforest ~ #4 Three-Toed Sloth

Continuing with my series of some of the Rainforest animals. 

They are all so beautiful and deserve to live and be shared.

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4. Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth

This cat-sized mammal, typically weighing 8 – 9 pounds, has a round head, a short snout, small eyes, long legs, tiny ears and a stubby tail. Sloths have long, coarse fur that is light brown in color, but often appears green due to the blue-green algae that grow there. Instead of toes, their front and hind feet have three curved claws that allow them to easily hook onto tree branches and hang upside-down. 

Sloths can rotate their heads nearly 90 degrees, and their mouths are shaped so they look like they are always smiling. Males are distinguishable from females because they usually have a bright yellow or orange patch of fur located between their shoulders.

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